Estalon Headcollar & Lead Rope

Estalon Shetland Pony Headcollar & Lead Rope

Estalon Headcollar and lead rope

Estalon Shetland Headcollars have always been a personal favourite of Percy's. He thinks the two tone effect looks very stylish and he loves the bright colours. Percy prefers the blue head collar which suits him perfectly, although he appreciates that the purple and pink headcollars suit his female friends at the stud.

purple head collar and lead rope

Percy thinks the Estalon Shetland Headcollar is extremely comfortable due to its soft padding, and is definately his first choice when being led around the yard.

Percy is a Standard Shetland Pony, so is at the larger end of his breed, and as you can see from the pictures the headcollar fits comfortably and can still be adjusted to make it smaller which is fantastic for Percy's young family and also makes it suitable for Miniature Shetland Ponies.

The headcollar is fitted with a quick release clip which gives Percy piece of mind when his children are wearing the Estalon Headcollars as their safety is paramount.

Finally, the Riding Habit also sell matching two tone Lead Ropes to compliment the Estalon Headcollars. The lead ropes are strong and durable and have even survived Percy's Taste Test!